Posted by : Adrian Garcia Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Doug Fister Should Have Been A Dodger
The Yankees are back, signing Jacoby Ellsbury to an atrocious 7 year 153 million dollar deal. They are banking that he'll be worth close to 3 wins a season through his age 37 (potentially 38) season which is questionable at best especially. Lets not forget Carl Crawford was regarded to be a superior baseball player in all facets of the game when he signed his 7 year 142 million, and he wasn't injury prone at that point in his career yet, Ellsbury is and he's just about to come out of his prime. Yet that's besides the fact, the Yankees are back, and regardless of the new posting system, you can bet the Yankees are going to submit a bid, probably the highest bid simply because of their need for SP.

So if you assume the Yankees are bidding/getting Tanaka, Garza, Cano, Infante to play 3rd and what the hell, Ervin Santana, they could spend up to 500 million this offseason so this isn't too far fetched especially if ARod gets suspended, the Dodgers still need a SP.

In seemingly unrelated events, Doug Fister was dealt to the Nationals for some toilet paper (at least that's what it seemed). Seriously, Steve Lombardozzi, Ian Krol, and Robbie Ray. Lombardozzi literally does nothing well, mediocre defender (he's not even average), awful with the bat, terrible baserunner, Krol is a setup reliever, but is projected to be a replacement level player, and Robbie Ray is a prospect with 4th starter upside (big whoop).

Unfortunately the events are related. The Dodgers need another SP, and the Nationals gave away nothing for him. WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU, NED?! Were you waiting on Tanaka to decide the offseason plans? As the days go by, it's becoming more unlikely that he'll be a Dodgers with the new posting system putting regulations on how much you can bid, and there are always the Yankees in the way, Tanaka may not be a Dodger which sucks. Doug Fister would have been so nice in Dodger Stadium, big park with decent infield defense would have been perfect, he doesn't walk anybody and strikes out a decent amount, he'd be perfect.

The worst part are the prospects that you could have given up. Kasten makes such a huge commitment to the farm, yet wont deal anybody? Dee Gordon is at least Steve Lombardozzi with WAY more upside, Yimi Garcia is at least Ian Krol, and Chris Reed (not even Ross Stripling) is at least Robbie Ray. If you wanted to replace Stripling with Reed it would have beaten the offer, and Fister would have been a Dodger. These are prospects that are nowhere near the caliber of a Zach Lee, or even a Joc Pederson or Julio Urias, and certainly not Corey Seager, and they couldn't offer the Tigers an offer of Yimi, Dee, and Stripling? Awful.

I'll go on record saying that I don't believe Tanaka will have a season that will come close to what Fister had this past season, and going forward, I much prefer Fister simply because of how proven he is, and how little he'd cost compared to Masahiro.  He has a 3.30 ERA since 2011 in than 586.2 IP he was worth 4.6 WAR this past season which was 12th in the league and better than pitchers like Jordan Zimmerman, Madison Bumgarner (!) , Hiroki Kuroda, Cole Hamels, Jose Fernandez (!), Jon Lester, Mat Latos, David Price (!!), AJ Burnett, Stephen Strasburg.  And he did this in Comerica park which is at least a top 5 hitters park.

Whether or not the Dodgers get Masahiro Tanaka, I feel that they let one of the best starters in the league get away.

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